CHP officer pursues suspect, ends up in head-on crash with innocent driver

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A California Highway Patrol SUV crashed into the sedan of an innocent driver early Friday morning during a pursuit of a suspect in a Dodge Ram who wouldn't pull over when the officer noticed he was driving with paper plates, according to the CHP.

Just after 4 a.m., a pair of officers spotted the truck without proper plates, prompting the CHP to chase the driver of a Dodge Ram off Interstate Highway 880 onto A Street in Hayward. He didn't stop and instead, took off at speeds of up to 120 mph, the CHP said.

The truck then sped through the intersection and the CHP SUV ended up crashing into an oncoming sedan. Neither the two officers or the two people in the sedan were really hurt, but they were taken to the hospital just to be checked out, the CHP said.

The suspect was able to get away, the CHP said. The description of the suspect vehicle is a dark blue Dodge Ram single cab pickup with yellow paper plates that read