CHP ride-along: Multiple storm-related accidents

Heavy downpours and slick roadways were a dangerous combination for drivers Wednesday.

CHP says they responded to more than a dozen spinouts in Contra Costa county before 3 p.m.

Two minutes into our ride with CHP Wednesday, we were called to a weather related accident.

“Right now we're heading to a vehicle that went through a guard rail,” said CHP Officer Sean Wilkenfeld. 

While in route, CHP Officer Sean Wilkenfeld was called to another accident. He says they received more than a dozen calls in contra Costa county before 3 pm.

“We’re getting lots of what we call solo vehicle spinouts. Someone is driving too fast for the conditions and it causes them to lose control and hydroplane. A lot of people when they hydroplane they don't know what to do. They freak out, they slam on the brakes. Once you slam on the brakes it causes your car to rotate and then you have zero control,” he said. 

He called it, because that’s exactly what happened to this driver. 

“I switched lanes and the car started sliding so I tried to do everything I could to control it. I ended up sliding backwards so I saw cars coming at me and I got hit and that's what brought me over to this area,” said Cleveland Stallworth of Pittsburg. 

He tells me he was probably going too fast, driving about 68 miles per hour.

“When you hydroplaned did you hit the brakes,” questioned KTVU’s Alyana Gomez.

“I did hit the brakes that was the first thing I thought of, to hit the brakes to slow down to try to gain control of the car. It didn't work,” said Stallworth. 

Here's what you should do instead:

“Keep your wheel pointed straight, take your foot off the gas and let your car naturally slow down until you feel traction,” said Wilkenfeld. 

CHP also says slow down, turn on your headlights and double your following distance behind cars.