CHP seeks to locate girl for welfare check after toll plaza struggle

"She was kneeling kind of in the center console there and she was crying and she was screaming," said California Highway PatrolOfficer Vu Williams.

A co-worker who spoke to the toll taker shortly after the incident told KTVU the girl yelled "Help! Help!" The toll taker also asked the girl if the two people in the SUV were her parents and she replied "no."

"He just felt there was something off about this. He's a father of two so he was very attuned with that fact," said Williams.

The toll taker immediately reported the incident to authorities. He can be seen on the phone as the driver hands him a dollar bill.

KTVU was told moments he later drove off without paying the full $5 toll. Officials are hoping to locate the girl and check on her welfare.

The driver was described as a black male adult in his 60s with gray hair and a full beard, while the passenger was described as a black female adult, 40 to 50 years old and wearing a multi-colored scarf.

The vehicle, which was last seen traveling west on the Bay Bridge, has no license plates but has a temporary operating permit in the lower right area of the rear window, after-market fog lights in the front and two bumper stickers on the rear body, according to the CHP.
The lack of license plates has made it difficult to find the vehicle and determine if the girl is actually under treat.

"If we find out that it was a family spat of some kind, okay. Hopefully that was the case and we're not looking at something worse," said Williams.

Still, the CHP said there is something that triggered that toll taker to give them a call. And they want to make sure they do their due diligence

Any witnesses who might have seen the vehicle or its occupants should contact the CHP at (415) 557-1094. After hours, call 1(800) TELL-CHP.