City of Fremont set to install large boulders to deter RV dwellers from parking on Kato Road

On Thursday, the City of Fremont will install large boulders along Kato Rd near Seagate and Tesla.

The hope is they will prevent RV dwellers from parking there, specifically the homeless, who have moved in.

City officials say there have been too many concerns about property damage, traffic, safety and trash.

"I think it's terrible. Everybody knows there's homeless people raound. They just don't want to look at us," said Lynn Shipman. "We're out of the way. It's an industrial area. Nobody's ever come across the street and said, 'Hey you ruffians, you shouldn't be here' or nothing like that. They just all of a sudden put up the sign."

As first reported by the Mercury News, the signs and barricades are just the beginning.

Starting on Feb. 6, the city of Fremont will start removing the vehicles. They'll then line Kato Road with large boulders to prevent any future parking.

As for why now, the city cites "substantial concerns from residents, businesses and the public at large." 
Still not everyone who works in the area agrees with the plan.

"I don't see any problem to park there, it's space that nobody uses actually," said Oxana Buharic. "So I don't know what the reason for that is. Is it Tesla, or something else? I don't know."

In addition to the homeless, some Tesla car carriers park here. So do employees at neighboring businesses. The parking prohibition will apply to everyone.
Mike, a homeless artist, says he's not sure where else to go.

"If you guys want, just give me a piece of land and I'll go there, said Mike.

Moving won't be easy. Mike is missing a wheel on his truck. Still, he's trying to stay positive.

"I have faith that everything's going to work out. You just keep your head up and keep on trucking, cause that's all you can do, you know."