City of Salinas approves first phase of downtown fiber network

The first phase of a municipal fiber network has been approved by the Salinas City Council as part of the city's Downtown Complete Streets Project.  

The project is intended to improve safety and traffic flow downtown.

A municipal fiber network operated by the city "will include 288 strands of fiber (with additional conduit to allow for the addition of more fiber in the future) from Central Park to the new police station being constructed at 312 E. Alisal St.," the city said in an announcement.

The fiber network will initially be used to allow communication between traffic signals in the project area between Homestead Avenue and Front Street, and provide a direct connection between the police station and City Hall.

"We're excited that this project is moving forward," Salinas Mayor Joe Gunter said in an announcement. "This fiber can be used to help both city operations and provide faster Internet speeds to the public."

Use of the fiber network will also be offered to private firms to provide affordable high-speed Internet in the area.

"Infrastructure always needs to be designed with the future in mind," City Manager Ray Corpuz said. "We are installing enough strands to meet our anticipated current and future needs; and if it turns out that we need more or there is another new technology we need to install, we'll have the conduit in place to install that as well at minimal cost."

Installation work is expected to begin soon and be completed by next spring. The city said it also plans to install fiber and conduit along Main Street.