City of San Jose approves project to house homeless

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A project to house the homeless in San Jose that received a lot of scrutiny was just approved by the city.

The controversial project will be located in a neighborhood that some say already suffers from crime

But with 4,000 homeless people living in the City of San Jose, the mayor and the other council members voted to go forward with building a community for the homeless full of manufactured homes.

It would be built on a six acre plot of city-owned land on Evans Lane near Highway 87 and Curtner. The homes would have bedrooms, shared bathrooms, and kitchens.

There will also be a dog park and community garden there.

Homeless advocates praised the project, but people who live in the neighborhood have been fighting against it for months saying it's going to make things worse.

Adobe Services is the non profit that will manage the community, providing 24 hour security and on site case management for the homeless.

The location, just east of Willowglen, was chosen because it's near transportation and services that serve people who live in affordable housing.

The community would house 102 homeless people, and it could open as early as next summer.