City of Sausalito issues local emergency declaration following mudslide

The Sausalito City Council on Monday ratified a local emergency declaration in the wake of last week's mudslide that destroyed three homes and left seven others red-tagged.

The declaration makes the city eligible to seek reimbursement from the state and/or federal government for costs associated with the damage.

A mudslide was first reported shortly before 3 a.m. Thursday, on land belonging to the National Park Service above Sausalito Boulevard.

The slide crossed the road, carrying a duplex at 406/408 Sausalito Boulevard. The debris continued down the slope, destroying a house at 57 Crescent Avenue.

A woman who lived on the second floor of the duplex carried by the mudslide was trapped for about 20 minutes until crews were able to pull her out. She was hospitalized with minor injuries.

There was also significant damage to six duplexes on Sausalito Boulevard, where homes lost decks, entries, and carports. Five cars were also swallowed up by the slide. A house at 63 Crescent Avenue was also damaged.

In addition, four adults, a baby, a cat and a dog were rescued from 412 Sausalito Ave., authorities said.

The National Weather Service reported that the Sausalito area received over 5 inches of rain in the 24 hours preceding the mudslide.

The city's goal is to ensure that the mudslide area is stabilized and does not pose an ongoing threat, officials said.

The threat of mudslides will be a subject of analysis and discussion at future council meetings, including the next regular meeting at 7 p.m. Feb. 26.

Earth movement and slides in other areas of Sausalito during the storm last week included at least two incidents in the vicinity of Ebbtide Avenue and Bridgeway, officials said.