City workers grieve, move forward with Acting Mayor London Breed

One day after Mayor Ed Lee died of a heart attack, San Francisco City Hall is still recovering. While city workers grieve the loss of the man who held the office for nearly seven years, they must push forward with their new Acting Mayor London Breed.

The 43-year-old, who is also serves District 5 Supervisor, made her first official event appearance as San Francisco Mayor. She and anti-violence advocacy group United Playaz announced a gun buyback program set for this Saturday.

"Sadly I grew up in a neighborhood where gun violence was a normal thing," said Mayor Breed, who brings a fresh perspective to the job of mayor, growing up in public housing in the city's Western Addition.

She promised to continue to support gun buy-backs, carrying on the late Mayor Ed Lee's legacy, a man for whom she's still grieving.

"I mostly felt sad during this process. That's the main emotion that I've felt and also an incredible responsibility and just definitely up for the task," admitted Breed.

Since her whirlwind in office, Breed says she's focused on keeping the city running smoothly.

"The police will be out there. The fire department when called will be there. The buses will run. The potholes will get fixed if you call 311. All the things that happen in our great city will continue, so that's really my number one priority," said Breed to resounding applause.

She also vowed to keep fighting for issues Lee championed like the homeless, as well as some causes of her own including safe injection sites, mental health programs and affordable housing.

"I am not blind. I see what happens in our streets every single day and I'm going to continue to push for more housing," said Breed.

Meanwhile at City Hall, Diana Wang and her three-year-old daughter brought flowers for the late Mayor Ed Lee.

"I think it just kind of says something to have the first Asian American mayor and that's just something I wanted to bring her out to just show her, just how we pay respect to the city," said Wang.

London Breed is breaking barriers of her own being the first African American woman as mayor of San Francisco. While the job is not an easy one, she's been in public service her entire career. Combine that with what her self-proclaimed "love affair" with the city, and she says she's ready to go.

"I never forget where I came from and I also will use those experiences to make good decisions on behalf of the city. So I don't know if that makes me uniquely qualified but strongly feel that I am qualified and I'm prepared to do this job," said Breed.