Climate change activists in San Francisco call for banks to divest from fossil fuels

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Environmental activists on Wednesday blocked several intersections in San Francisco's Financial District, calling for banks to divest from fossil fuels and engage in sustainable investing. 

The protest was part of the Global Climate Strike, a series of coordinated events happening across the world. 

Protesters lined the entrances of financial institutions and government offices along Montgomery Street to demand they join the fight against climate change and help reduce global warming.

"We're blockading the people in the suites that are destroying what we need to live," said Pennie Opal Plant with Idle No More SF Bay. "That's why people are in front of Chase and of Wells Fargo, Bank of America. We're kind of everywhere because we have to be."

Demonstrators blocked the employee access door at a Wells Fargo, preventing workers from getting in. ​​​​​​

"We want to hold corporations accountable. Our actions of disobedience is nothing compared to the violence that corporations like Wells Fargo are taking around our earth," said Kim Acker of 350 Silicon Valley

Wells Fargo workers were left milling around in the street trying to figure out how long the protest would go on. 

The bank released a statement saying in part, "We recognize the growing concerns about climate change and environmental sustainability, and we're working to find solutions. Wells Fargo is committed to accelerating the transition to a low-carbon economy." 

Chase said it's reaching out to stakeholders on the issue adding, "We firmly believe that balancing environmental and social issues with financial considerations is fundamental to sound risk management."