Climate change and human rights in Clinton summit at UC Berkeley

Former President Bill Clinton, and daughter, Chelsea, are in the Bay Area this weekend, for the Clinton Global Initiative University event at UC Berkeley.

The event features more than a thousand student leaders from across the world.

The summit focuses on climate change, human rights, and other issues on the minds of young people.

"All of you here today are joining a community of  more than 7500 students who've come together in the past 8 years," said Chelsea Clinton.

"One good idea with teams using their best experiences together, maximizing both human ingenuity and the potential of technology can change the world," said former President Bill Clinton.

Many of the students come to the summit, to get seed money for their projects on issues, such as climate change, peace and human rights, poverty, education, and public health.

UC Berkeley is hosting students from 250 schools and 90 countries.

There are sessions on Saturday, and a community work day to help Oakland schools tomorrow.