Climate march takes place in Oakland

More than 2,000 people gathered on Saturday for a rally organized by People's Climate Movement Bay Area.

The day-long march culminated with those people walking around Lake Merritt- but hours before that, the grassy area at the west end of the lake was a sea of climate supporters and activists, united in their goal to heal the environment. 

Janice Kirsch with Climate Mobilization says, "This is the greatest public health crisis that humankind has ever faced. It makes the bubonic plague look small."

Representatives from more than 75 groups gathered to exchange ideas and search for solutions to numerous problems including climate change, economic justice, and racial equality.

Some say the only way to create lasting change is to start at the top in our Nation's capitol, but many at the march are directing anger at President Donald Trump and his policies.

Crystal Lewis with the group Refuse Fascism said, "I'm hoping that people will become more educated and sensitive and more brave about what is really going on in America".