Code Pink founder interrupts Trump speech

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CLEVELAND (KTVU)— A former Bay Area resident and member of the activist group Code Pink interrupted Donald Trump’s speech at the Republican National Convention where he accepted the party’s nomination for president.

Madea Benjamin attempted to unfurl a sign that read, ‘Build Bridges Not Walls’ at Thursday’s final day of the convention. She was escorted out of the convention hall. The incident was seen on live television as Trump waited for the crowd to die down and for Benjamin to be taken away.

Code Pink released a statement just after the incident and said Trump stood for xenophobia and racism.
“Donald Trump has been talking about building a wall and he gets the crowd all excited, ‘Build that wall. Make Mexicans pay!’ We’re a nation of immigrants [They’ve] contributed so much to our country and to put out that negativity to millions of people is just not fair,” said Benjamin.

Benjamin is the founder of Code Pink, a women-led peace organization that has called for reduced military spending and immigration policies that welcome refugees.