Colma Target shopper tries to stop thief: video

Colma police said they arrested a man seen in a video circulating around social media, who tried to steal a bin full of items from a Target store last month.

In the video taken March 16, a concerned shopper is seen trying to stop the theft. 

"Stop that s— man! Get a f— job!" he yelled as he tried to grab the bin from the suspect. He allegedly then called police, and they responded.

Samuel Balcorta, a 28-year-old from San Francisco, was arrested and booked into jail for burglary and grand theft, police said. Balcorta was apparently out on bail for a prior felony case.

Police confirmed the person who tried to stop the crime was not a store employee. They said he was a citizen shopping at the store who intervened because he was frustrated with the increase in thefts. 

"Unlike the videographer’s belief that we "can’t do anything," we can and will respond,"said Colma PD on Twitter. "However, there are times we aren’t notified about crimes in progress."

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Police said they understand the citizen’s frustration with the increased thefts and overall crime seen throughout the Bay Area, but warned against intervening in a potentially dangerous situation. 

"The suspects in these thefts are often repeat offenders, some who carry weapons, are part of an organized retail theft crew, and/or have ties to violent gangs," said Colma PD. "While we appreciate the assistance, we want you to maintain your safety and be the best witness you can for us."

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