Missing Colma teen located, police say

Police in Colma were briefly asking for help as they looked for a missing 16-year-old who has a developmental disability and medical condition.

Colma Target shopper tries to stop thief: video

Colma police said they arrested the shoplifter seen in a video circulating on social media. The video shows a concerned citizen trying to stop the thief from leaving Target with a bin full of stolen goods.

Man shot dead at Colma cemetery

Police in Colma, a town known for its cemeteries, are now investigating a rare homicide, with a victim shot at a cemetery.

Mother & daughter receive special needs van in act of generosity

In a heartwarming update to a story that aired on KTVU last month, a struggling single mother was able to get her 12-year-old daughter, who is in a wheelchair, a special replacement van for their old one that was destroyed in a crash with an uninsured motorist.