Colorado gunman's killing spree has painful ties to Monterey County

The tie that binds Bay Area neighbors in Monterey to the massacre in a Boulder, Colo. supermarket is a painful one. Monterey newswoman Erika Mahoney said her dad is among the victims.

She paid tribute to him, Kevin Mahoney, on Twitter. She called him her "hero," and said she’s grateful he was able to walk her down the aisle last year.

Meanwhile, the community where Kevin Mahoney lived and died is in mourning as it deals with the tragic loss of life.

"We are committed with state, local, and federal authorities for a thorough investigation. And we’ll bring justice to each of these families," said Boulder Police Chief Maris Harold.

Ten families, that have been shattered by the unthinkable, are searching for answers, as Coloradans were just starting to look forward to the rebirth of spring.

"I wish I could stand here and promise that the pain will heal quickly. It won't," said Gov. Jared Polis, a Democrat.

State and local investigators continue searching for a motive for the loss of life.

Boulder police say 21-year-old Ahmad Al Aliwi Alissa started shooting shoppers outside the supermarket, then made his way inside. When his killing spree was over, 10 people lay dead.

The victims include three store employees, and an 11- year veteran with the department, Officer Eric Talley.

A father of seven, Talley was the first to respond to the crime, getting into a gun battle with Alissa, before a bullet ended his life.

"We can never thank Officer Talley or his family enough for their sacrifice, but we will not forget it. Many are alive today because of the actions of Eric Talley and other first responders," said Boulder Mayor Sam Weaver, (D)

A memorial sits atop a Boulder police car, as the community at-large comes together to honor the fallen officer, and prayer for the families of those impacted by this latest mass murder.

"This is a pain that we need to sit with. We can't let ourselves ever become numb to the pain because we simply can't let this be accepted as anything close to normal occurrence," said Governor Polis.

FOX correspondents in Denver reported Alissa was from the suburb of Arvada, where he lived with his brother.

Family and witnesses say he may have mental health issues at the time of the crime.