Communities brace for more rain in the Bay Area

Rain has returned to the Bay Area after a short 16-day dry spell. Stronger storms and gusty winds are expected this weekend. 

People in Orinda welcomed the change in weather, but don’t want a repeat of what we saw last month like landslides, sinkholes, and flooding. 

"I mean last time was a mess," said Ashley Hautman. "I don’t think it will be as bad. But we need it. It sucks to drive in it. It sucks to be out in it. But we need it."

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"I’m glad of it," said Ellen Garrett. "The drought was too long and too deep and I want my lemon tree to live."

In the Berkeley hills, areas hit hard during January’s storms were prepared. We saw sandbags along Alvarado Road where a mudslide closed down the road. The hillside was tarped as well. 

On Middlefield Road, repair work has started. This is where a mudslide damaged homes and forced evacuations last month. 

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Brayden Murdock, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service said this weekend’s storm will bring less than an inch of rain in most places, but at this time there are no flooding concerns. 

"The big questions we keep getting is are we looking at a repeat of January anytime soon…as of now our forecast is looking pretty strong that after this system a lot of our pattern pushes stuff off toward the north," he said.