Community group rallies against Trump inauguration in Oakland

Photo: Scott Morris 

OAKLAND (BCN)- Members of Oakland Community Organizations -- a federation of congregations, schools and other groups -- held a rally outside the federal building in Oakland this afternoon to protest Donald Trump's impending inauguration as President of the United States.

Despite the wet weather and their staunch opposition to everything Trump stands for, the mood was not somber but instead fiery, joyous and thoughtful. They led prayers and called for continued resistance to the
administration of the incoming president.

"We stand for unity and inclusion. This is the highest value of our democracy," Andre Spearman, a family engagement liaison for OCO, said at a brief rally in front of the federal building at 1301 Clay St.

The Rev. Damita Davis-Howard of the First Mt. Sinai Missionary Baptist Church called for a sustained demonstration of resistance.

"We want to be free of the racist policy that widens the gap between the haves and the have nots. We want to be free to pursue happiness, regardless of sexual orientation, regardless of religious affiliation,
regardless of immigration status, we want to be free," Davis-Howard said.

After the rally, protesters marched to Oakland City Hall, where another protest was planned for later this evening. Numerous protests are anticipated in the Bay Area over the next few days drawing tens of thousands
of people.