Community rallies to help Oakland father who lost legs in hit-and-run

Community members are rallying behind an Oakland father, who was a victim in a hit-and-run in Antioch and lost both his legs in the crash.

It happened a little more than a week ago. His children were in the car and one of them is being credited for saving his life.

"All he wants to do is get out of bed and come home to his family," said Olivia Allen, victim’s wife.

Olivia Allen wants nothing more than her husband Nirivana, known as Nob, to come home from the hospital. He’s described as the family's rock, their sole provider.

"He is the real life Hercules," said Olivia Allen. "All he does is take care of us and all we want to do is have him come home so we can continue to take care of him," said Olivia Allen.

Back on March 28, on his way to Antioch, Nob took the Hillcrest Avenue exit off Highway 4. Then he had car trouble. He pulled his Mercedes to the shoulder, got out to get the gas can from the trunk. He was then rear-ended by another car.

His two children and a nephew were in the car. His six-year-old called for help.

"She was able to get into the front seat, get his cell phone and call me and she said daddy is outside the car," said Olivia Allen. "He’s hurt, his leg is bleeding and I can see his bone."

Nob had lost both legs on impact. He was airlifted to the hospital where he’s been ever since. The driver, who hit him, initially took off.

"My daughter told me that she saw the woman get on her cell phone and call someone else and they came and picked the woman up," said Olivia Allen. "They left my husband out there in that condition."

The family said, a 37-year-old woman was ultimately caught.

"It’s just deeply disturbing to hear that someone would do that to another human being," said Family Friend Eloise Joseph.

Long-time friends, supporters of the family, the Oakland Unified school community, and strangers are raising money for Nob’s recovery, which will be a long one.

From the hospital bed to a wheelchair, he will then be fitted for prosthetic limbs and head to a rehabilitation center.

"I hope they find comfort in knowing that they have us," said Joseph.

"My family, my support system, everybody is keeping me going," said Olivia Allen.

Prior to the crash, Nob had worked as a care provider for an assisted living center.

If you’d like to help, check out the Gofundme.