Complaints of mold found in sippy cups possibly sickening children

CANADA (WTXF)- A woman in Canada creates an online firestorm, after posting pictures of a sippy cup.

She says, it's covered in mold and making her friend's child sick!

These photos have a lot of people talking, and wondering what they can do to prevent the mold.

This all started with a Facebook post by a woman named Marie.

She wrote her friend wondered why his son was sick.

So he broke the part of the sippy cup that keeps things from leaking, and discovered mold.

The problem, she says, is that particular part never really gets washed.

That's what the company that makes the cups, Tommee Tippee France, says as well.

In a statement, they said:

"Difficulties have arisen though when liquids that are not recommended for use in the cups have been used, like thick formula milk, pulpy juice and warm liquids. We also recommend that cups are not left for long periods before being cleaned."

As for how to properly clean the cups, experts say you should fully disassemble the cup after every use, washing it with soap and warm water, and fully dry each part before re-assembly.