Concord homeowners association tells swim team they can no longer use pool

For more than four decades, the Walnut Country Swim Team has held practices and swim meets at the Cowell Homeowners Association pool in Concord.  

"It's a community. It's a family. It's what I do all summer. Like it's all I do is a swim," says swim team member Sarah Kindorf

However, last month the team received a letter stating in August they are no longer welcome. That's because the association can no longer solely dedicate pool space when some members of the team are not residents.

"Out of the blue one day. They sent us a letter from an attorney saying in 60 days the team will cease to exist," says WCST committee member Andy Nonaka

In an effort to influence the association, more than 50 children and parents rallied before a meeting Thursday night chanting, "Save our swim team!"  in the hopes that the association members would have a change of heart.

Some homeowners say the swim team is a major part of the community.  And they don't want to see it go.  On top of that, they claim the association never notified them there was an issue with the team.

"There was no prior communication of any problems from the homeowners' association. We've looked through all the past meeting minutes and there is no mention of any issues, " says Concord resident Mike Kindorf.  

"I did the records before there were computers in a binder. I wrote ribbons, I worked in the snack bar. You name it we did it," says Concord resident Carol Gurrad.  

She's lived in the community since 1973.  Her two children were part of the team and when she tried to go inside the meeting to voice her concerns. She was turned away.  "My husband and I were both on the deed. He died 9 years ago and the trust says it's now mine. But they won't let me in," says Gurrad.  

"I've never seen them check ids. The door is just open. You walk inside and sit down in the audience and listen to the meeting. I've never seen armed security," says Mike Kindorf.  

Gurrard was eventually let in. Only after showing her marriage license, husband's death certificate and trust. 

Many in the community feel the association members will not change their minds.  Leaving their children no other choices but to find a new place to swim.  "Our kids have been on this team for years. They know all the other kids, they have friends. It's right in our community. We would just have to start over with a new team," says Nonaka.
KTVU attempted to speak with members of the association but representatives would not make themselves available.  However, some homeowners who attended the meeting said since the swim team has hired a lawyer.  The association will not respond because it's a legal issue.