Concord man arrested on suspicion of plotting mass shooting at synagogue free on bail

A man arrested in Concord for allegedly plotting a mass shooting at a synagogue and killing police, and then posting the threats in an online gaming forum, has been released on bail. 

Ross Farca, 23, of Concord, posted $125,000 bail over the weekend and was released from jail, the Bay Area News Group reported. He pleaded not guilty and faces a preliminary hearing on June 25.

Farga was charged by the Contra Costa District Attorney's Office with making criminal threats, possession of an illegal assault rifle and manufacturing an assault rifle.

Last weekend, the FBI relayed a cyber-tip to police in Concord about threatening comments made in an online chat room that consisted of threats against Jewish people, threats to commit a mass shooting at a synagogue and threats to shoot at law enforcement. Police said the suspect also claimed to possess an assault rifle.

There were no specific threats locations included in the threats, according to police.

The FBI's initial investigation determined the threatening posts originated from an address in Concord, and detectives with the Concord Police Department were able to identify Farca as a suspect in the case.

Police said Farca had legally purchased an incomplete AR-15 rifle frame earlier this year.

On Monday, police obtained an arrest warrant for Farca and a warrant to search his home.

Farca was taken into custody without incident.

During a search of his home, police found an illegal AR-15 semi-automatic rifle, which had been built from the legally purchased frame, police said.

Investigators also found several high-capacity magazines, but they did not find any ammunition.

Detectives also found Nazi literature, camouflage clothing and a sword.

In addition to Farca's arrest, detectives were also able to obtain an emergency Gun Violence Restraining Order against Farca to prevent him from legally purchasing firearms.