Concord police help make autistic boy's birthday special

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Michael Romano was excited to celebrate his 11th birthday by throwing his first birthday party ever.

The Concord boy, who has autism, invited neighborhood kids, his teachers, his therapists and his sister's Girl Scout troop.

The party was set for July 17th.

That morning, Michael and his family woke to the news that several police officers had been shot in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

Michael decided that he wanted to invite police officers to his party, so his mom sent Concord police a last minute invite.

To Michael's delight, three officers, three canines, a sergeant and the crime scene unit all showed up to wish him a happy birthday.

The officers brought Michael presents and presented him with a medal of valor. 

His mom said that due to his autism, Michael doesn't have a lot of friends.

They were overjoyed not only that the officers came to celebrate, but so did all of the neighborhood kids.