Congresswoman Barbara Lee on President Trump's racist tweets

East Bay Congresswoman Barbara Lee joined KTVU's Mornings on 2 to talk discuss President Trump's controversial remarks directed towards four Democratic congresswomen of color as well as her recent visit to a migrant detention facility. 

Lee rejected Trump's racist comments and said while she was appalled, she was not surprised.

She added: "These are racist comments. His behavior is racist. He's a racist. And I think what's important, though, really is to understand that his agenda is an agenda that is embraced by white nationalists and white supremacists, and that's very, very, dangerous, and he's doing this of course we know, to cater to his following and his base. And in the meantime, what he's doing is putting members of Congress, women, people of color, everyone in danger." 

The congresswoman said some of her Republican colleagues quietly told her they also believe the President's tweets were wrong, but she said they are reluctant to come forward.