Conservative Sunol school board upholds flag ban policy

The Sunol Glen School District in Alameda County will keep a ban on the types of flags that can be displayed at its school.

The board voted 2-1 on Tuesday  not to advance proposals such as reversing the ban, or expressing support for the superintendent who approved displaying the Pride flag at the school in June during pride month.

Despite the vote, the meeting was much calmer than previous meetings, which were stopped because of loud arguments and sheriff's deputies clearing the room.

Opponents had clashed over the board's resolution allowing only the California and U.S. flags to fly at school, meaning that gay pride flags are not OK.

Tensions have been so high that the school board president's life has been threatened after he voted against raising the gay Pride flag. 

LGBTQ supporters were not pleased.

"It's a two-member conservative board, two conservatives and one progressive, unfortunately what we are seeing is political theater by the conservative right here on this school board," said Austin Bruckner Carrillo, the Castro Valley Pride president.