Contestants with disabilities competing to be named 'miss arc broward.'

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Arc Broward kicked off its third annual 'Miss Arc Broward' pageant with singing, dancing, gymnastics, and hula hooping.

20 contestants hit the stage to showcase their talents, dazzling evening wear and equally dazzling personalities.

But it's a pageant unlike any other because its a pageant aimed at empowering and celebrating women with disabilities.

Just ask Bailey Bender, last year's winner.

She took home the crown and this year she'll be cheering on her sister.

'I wanted to get involved with this so it can show to the community and people that autism means you're just like everyone else.'

The event taking place at the historic parker playhouse in Fort Lauderdale.

It  was founded by the non profit  Arc Broward, an organization that provides services to children and adults with  developmental disabilities.

'This pageant allows them to make friends which is a challenge for them, so they make friends with each other and it is just a unique way to allow them to do something they don't do typically do.' said Arc Broward President Dennis Haas.

Even though there's a first place winner, each contestant takes homes their very own special award. 

In addition the pageant also  has a great impact on the community.

"i's a place where families are coming together to learn lessons, to think about their own stations in life and compare it to those of others, and most of all to learn how they can join hand with people with disabilities.'

Arc Broward operates at 10 locations and provides 21 programs throughout Broward County.

Those programs provide training as well as employment opportunities for those living with disabilities.