Coronavirus patient being cared for in San Mateo County

The San Mateo County Health Department said its doctors are caring for one "repatriated" patient somewhere in the county.

In a brief statement, the health department on Thursday said that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention had transferred one case to the county, but officials wouldn't say any more.

Repatriation is the return of someone to their own country. The State Department has been flying hundreds of U.S. citizens from the center of the coronavirus outbreak - Wuhan, China - to various places in the United States to be cared for here.

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At least two planes arrived this month at Travis Air Force Base in Fairfield, where patients were monitored and cared for.

At a news conference on Thursday, Gov. Gavin Newsom made a point of saying how well California has worked with the Trump administration on these "repatriation" efforts.

Newsom also laid out who has the coronavirus by the numbers. 

A total of 33 people have been diagnosed with coronavirus in California, and five have since left the state, Newsom said. Of the confirmed cases, 24 were either evacuated from the Diamond Princess cruise ship or returned on repatriation flights from Wuhan, China — the epicenter of the coronavirus outbreak.

Newsom said more than 8,400 people are being monitored in 49 local jurisdictions.

There are currently 60 confirmed cases in the United States, and officials continue to stress that the risk to the general public remains low. Still, they are warning people to be prepared to see more. 

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