Country at a Crossroads: Anxiety and the upcoming election

With less than a week from Election Day, some people have voted already while others are waiting to go to their polling places.

In San Francisco, people can go to City Hall to vote through Tuesday, or they can drop off your their ballots.

KTVU headed out to Ocean Beach Wednesday evening and found many voters who expressed some anxiety about the upcoming election.

A beautiful sunset enhanced by the wind, water and waves. offered a calming effect for visitors. The beach is a much needed respite.

"It gets stressful. We just want it to end," says Vincent Atos, a San Francisco voter.

An escape, say beach goers, from the daily barrage of political news about the two major party candidates running to be the next President of the United States.

"I could put it behind me. It's background," says Jeffrey Lucas, a voter from Oakland. But a background that can not be ignored. One mother of two says the country is at a crossroad

"Just generally concerned. It's a crazy election. Just hoping things turn out ok for the country," says Katie Moyland of San Francisco, who plans to vote Tuesday.
Voters from other parts of the country say they have faith in our government and its checks and balances.
They say this is a great country...with even greater potential.

"The biggest issue is divisiveness at this point. Hopefully whatever happens we can come together and realize that we need to work together to fix our problems," says Joe Moore who's visiting from Philadelphia

"The present administration went a long way along those lines. I hope the next one will keep going," says George Apollinari, a physicist from Chicago who's in the Bay Area for his work. .

No matter Tuesday's outcome, some voters sees reason for optimism on the horizon.

"You got to have hope. raising young children. setting a good example. Turning in my vote, having my voice heard and hopefully that matters," says Moyland who was at the beach with her three year old daughter and four year old son.

Everyone we spoke with say they are anxiously waiting to see who the next president will be.
As for those who haven't voted yet, they say they are excited about going to the polls on Tuesday.