Couple gets married on flight to Vegas: 'Any turbulence, I want to weather it with you'

A couple headed to Las Vegas to elope weren’t about to let travel troubles stop them from celebrating their big day: Thanks to a complete stranger and a Southwest Airlines pilot, Pam and Jeremy said "I do" on a plane 37,000 feet above Arizona.

The couple, who live in Oklahoma City, were joking last week about hopping a plane to elope in Las Vegas, so that’s exactly what they did, according to Southwest Airlines. Pam and Jeremy even dressed the part, wearing their wedding attire to the airport. But when they got to DFW airport in Dallas, their flight to Vegas was eventually canceled after several delays.

While at the gate area, they met Chris, another passenger booked on their canceled flight. Chris, as it turns out, is an ordained minister. When he heard the couple would miss their 9 p.m. wedding chapel appointment, he offered to marry them himself when they got to Sin City.

At that point, the three rushed to find another flight to Vegas. They found one on Southwest and shared an Uber to get to Dallas Love Field Airport across town.

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The captain was rather curious about Pam’s wedding dress as she boarded the plane. When she told him the story, she joked that maybe they should just get married on this flight.

"Let’s do it!" the captain replied.

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The flight crew hung toilet paper streamers, made the minister a sash out of snack bags and played the wedding march over the plane’s speakers. Passengers lit up their call buttons as Pam walked down the aisle. Flight attendant Julie stood as Pam’s maid of honor.

"I can’t wait to be your copilot through life," Pam said in her vows. "I’ll be the check to your cross-check, and any turbulence, I want to weather it with you."

A professional photographer on board volunteered to take wedding pics, while another passenger gave up their leftover powdered donut to serve as the wedding cake. Another passenger passed around an old notebook for everyone to sign, giving the couple a guest book full of well-wishes from strangers who watched them tie the knot.

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Chris, the minister, captured the extra special ceremony on video.

"We were thrilled to play host to Pam and Jeremy’s special day," Southwest said in a statement. "We know our crew, our customers, and the couple will remember this flight for a long time to come. We offer our congratulations to the newlyweds and well wishes on their new life together."