Video shows driver plowing through Alameda stop sign

One person was killed when two vehicles collided at the intersection of Fernside Boulevard and Cambridge Drive in Alameda Monday night at 8 o’clock.

Witnesses say at least one of the vehicles was speeding, blew through a stop sign and caused the crash. Police, however, say they are still early in their investigation as to what led to the collision.

"The next thing I knew there was a car that came flying through a stop sign," said a resident named Linda, who lives at the intersection where the crash occurred. "The next thing I heard is a really gut-wrenching crash and I looked out and the car was up against Rex’s front doorway."

The investigation into the crash lasted into Tuesday morning when both vehicles were seen being loaded onto the back on tow trucks and removed from the scene.

One vehicle appeared to be a Toyota Corolla while the vehicle that was hit appeared to be an older model American-made pick-up truck.

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Witnesses told KTVU that the driver of the Corolla blew through a stop sign on Cambridge Drive and struck the pickup truck. Home surveillance was shared with KTVU by residents who captured the impact on camera.

Police say one person in the truck died and another was taken to a hospital with non-life-threatening injuries.

Several residents told KTVU that speeding and accidents are common occurrences in the area.

They also say an automated speed warning sign is designed to deter speeding, but it isn’t working.

"They see that speed sign and then they say let’s see how fast we can go," said Linda, who lives at the intersection where Monday’s crash occurred.

Police have not released the condition of the driver that reportedly blew through the stop sign.