Crashes on Mt. Tamalpais claim two lives in two weeks

Two men have died in unrelated crashes on the same stretch of road on Mt. Tamalpais in Marin County in the past two weeks, according to the California Highway Patrol.

The most recent crash happened in heavy fog shortly before 5 p.m. Thursday on Ridgecrest Boulevard.

"As the vehicle was in a curve, it appears at it just left the roadway and fell down the side of the mountain," said CHP Officer Andrew Barclay.

Trygve Walter Hansen, 53, of Inverness, died at the scene. His 13-year-old son was taken to a hospital with major injuries. Their car had rolled over several times while plunging a great distance. 

"We were told by the crews that had to rappel down there that they had to use 600 feet of rope to get down to it," Barclay said.

The fog at the time may have been drifting in and out, making it very difficult to see the sharp bend in the road

"Driving up there at the time, visibility was very, very limited, it was very cloudy, very foggy as it tends to be in that area," Barclay said.

Both victims were ejected from the car and may not have been wearing their seatbelts, the CHP said.

It's the second crash at the same curve on Ridgecrest Boulevard in less than two weeks.

On March 23, a man was killed when his car plunged over the side. 

The causes of both crashes are under investigation. 

Ridgecrest Boulevard offers scenic views of San Francisco, the ocean and many parts of the bay.

Drivers said it can be a treacherous commute. 

"You just can't go fast, you gotta pay attention to what you're doing. Beautiful view. It can be a distraction, you know," said Mike Cole of Petaluma.

Cassy Jens of San Anselmo said, "It's unfortunate news. I hadn't heard about it. I think, yeah, when it gets really foggy, it's scary, a little bit. You need to drive slow and keep your eyes peeled, for other cars."