Crews install pedestrian bridge for East Contra Costa BART Extension Project

ANTIOCH, Calif. (KTVU) - The East Contra Costa BART Extension Project or eBART made a major milestone on Friday as crews installed a pedestrian bridge. 

"We've built a number of facilities out here but they're either underground or visible as this. This will be the most visible landmark that people will be able to identify with," says BART District 2 Director Joel Keller. 

Wind and rain delayed the installation by 5.5 hours. But finally the 145 foot long,13 foot wide overcrossing was put into place. 

The pedestrian bridge will allow riders to cross over Highway 4 to get to the new Antioch BART station at Hillcrest Avenue. 

The BART line will carry passengers 10 miles from Antioch to the Pittsburg Bay Point station. 

The more than half a billion dollar extension project will use new eBART trains, which are powered by diesel engines running electric motors. BART leaders say the new system will be better for the environment. 

"We expect it to attract about 4,000 riders a day, that's 4,000 potential cars on the road. That amounts to a freeway lane during peak congestion," says Keller.  The eBART project is expected to be complete in May of 2018.