Crews rush to patch damaged Trocadero House ahead of incoming storm

Work was underway Monday to protect the historic Trocadero House in San Francisco's Stern Grove against the incoming storm.

The house dates back to the 1890s and has served as everything, from a wedding venue to a casino over the years.

Over the weekend, an 85-foot eucalyptus pummeled the historic building.

Crews in San Francisco's Stern Grove worked to cover the gaping hole in the roof of the Trocadero house with plywood and tarps ahead of another atmospheric rive.

The building has a colorful history dating back to 1892 as a site for entertainment, but it even served as a hideout for a felon evading arrest.

San Francisco's Department of Building Inspection has red tagged the Trocadero House. The department said not did the tree badly damage the roof, it also crashed severed the sprinkler system, flooding the building.

San Francisco Parks and Recreation is trying to determine whether the building can be saved.

"We're still trying to figure out how much damage has been caused throughout the building," said Daniel Montes, communications manager for San Francisco Parks and Recreation. "Again, there was extensive water damage, extensive damage to the roof of the building."

Some people had to see the damage for themselves and made their way to Trocadero House.

"A lot of history to it, I used to work for Park and Rec, so we had our meetings in there," said Don Robinson. "They have weddings in there all kinds of events there."

The damaged Trocadero House is just the latest blow to Stern Grove.

In August 2021, 700,000 gallons of water spilled from a broken water main, damaging the venue and weakening trees around the park. The Stern Grove Festival was forced to cancel shows.


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The San Francisco Parks and Recreation said it will take considerable public pressure and political will to save the Trocadero House.

Sunset District Supervisor Joel Engardio said the board would have to find the funds to repair the building in a tough budget cycle.

"I would say to all the residents who see this as a beloved place, that have their memories, to contact your city supervisors all over the city to let people know what this place means to you," said Supervisor Engardio. "Because it's going to take a city-wide effort to rebuild this place."