Crowds gather in San Francisco to rally in support of Palestinians

The Bay Area was part of an international effort Saturday to show support for Palestinians.

The recently brokered cease-fire between Israel and Palestinians is in its second day and appears to be holding.

A diverse crowd of roughly a thousand people began their march in San Francisco Saturday morning, from 16th street and Mission to the Civic Center, waving flags and holding banners in a show of solidarity with Palestinians.

"I want to let the world know that what's happening in Palestine is unjust, it's not right, it's genocide, it's apartheid," said a protestor at the event who asked to not be identified.

A young Jewish man marching with a banner reading "Jews Against Apartheid" shared those sentiments.

"Israel is very clearly enacting a very brutal military occupation both legalistic and systemic apartheid at every level of society against the Palestinian people," said Adam H, a marcher who was reluctant to give his last name.

The newly brokered cease-fire, which follows an 11-day spate of deadly violence, has brought a temporary halt to rocket launches from Gaza into Israel, and bomb drops from Israel into Gaza.

"We hope from now on it will be quiet for the citizens, Israelis down in the South part of the country.  We also hope that it's quiet for the residents of Gaza," said Israeli Consul General of the Pacific Northwest, Shlomi Kofman.

The violence has led to the deaths of at least 230 Palestinians, including 65 children.

And at least 12 people in Israel have been killed.

While a cease-fire may halt such bloodshed, an organizer of the rally says it’s not enough.

"We’re asking for the united states to continue to support the Palestinian people from beyond just a cease-fire but to end the siege on Gaza. And end the dispossession of Palestinian people in Jerusalem," said Exec Dir of Arab Resource Organizing Center, Lara Kiswani.

Israel’s Consul General to the Pacific Northwest says it’s unlikely steps toward peace can be made if the cease-fire doesn’t hold and Israel’s only option is to negotiate with Hamas, the Islamist group that runs Gaza.

"We need to see the reality on the ground. To continue to talk further I don't think we can continue to talk with a terrorist organization about anything further," said Kofman.

The rally in San Francisco was part of a global show of solidarity.

There were also similar demonstrations held in other cities such as London, Paris, and Melbourne.