Curry's announce new foundation to help under-served Oakland youth

The Golden State Warriors may have moved to San Francisco. But for Stephen and Ayesha Curry, their hearts are still in Oakland.

With more than 800 Oakland children invited to celebrate Thursday near Lake Merrittt, the Curry's announced their new foundation they call "Eat, Learn, Play."

The Curry's hope to help some 10,000 children in Oakland.

"There's a huge need here in Oakland. And because we are moving and because of our history here and us growing up here we have a strong connection I didn't want to let fall by the wayside," Steph Curry said.

"You don't find time. You make the time. You just do it because these are the things that matter," said Ayesha Curry.

The Curry's won't say exact how much money they are donating, only that it is in seven figures annually.

The plan is to help finance existing programs that work with under served Oakland kids in the areas of recreation, education and nutrition.

The money will also go to scholarships, tutoring and youth sports.

Ayesha is a rising star in the culinary field, concerned about childhood hunger.

"Children who get school meal programs during the school year don't get that during the summer. It will be our goal to help change that and advocate for them," she said.

With their high profiles, the Currys' can also bring attention to issues they care about.

"Not only leveraging funds, but Steph and Ayesha's time and voices and opening up these networks and platforms," said Chris Helfrich, CEO of the foundation.

Many of the kids told us they appreciate what the Currys' are doing for them.

"I'm glad every time I go to camp there is always food there and I know him and Ayesha care about the community," said 12-year-old Saliou Sow.

With many Warriors fans from Oakland disappointed by the team's move, perhaps Curry's philanthropy here can somehow soften the blow.

"Yes we are moving. And it is kind of a bittersweet proposition. But the work has been going on, and we want to amplify that. It's important," said Curry.