CHP probes Daly City freeway shooting; 6 people injured

The California Highway Patrol was called to investigate a freeway shooting on I-280 in Daly City early Friday morning.

The CHP said that the Yukon had six people inside and the driver was heading south of Eastmoor Avenue about 1:30 a.m. when it was shot at by someone else in another car. 

Video at the scene showed the windows were blown out and the driver's side airbag had been deployed. The CHP said the Yukon sustained "multiple bullet strikes" on its left side. 

After the shooting, the suspect or suspects fled the scene and the Yukon ended up slamming into a concrete wall along the right shoulder of the freeway. 

Medical personnel determined two of the six people in the Yukon sustained non-life-threatening gunshot wound injuries, and the other four sustained minor injuries from the crash.

Everyone was taken to San Francisco General Hospital for treatment. 

Detectives with the CHP Golden Gate Division, Special Investigations Unit responded and are investigating the shooting.

Officers scoured the freeway for bullet casings and scoured the Yukon for evidence.

"It's critical to move at great speed," said San Mateo County District Attorney Steve Wagstaffe. "Law enforcement has to really move quickly because the scene is so fluid."

Wagstaffe noted that "casings from a gun can get kicked all over, crushed, kicked elsewhere. You don't have a static scene. Witnesses can go by and see the whole thing happen - they're gone. You may never see them again."

The motive in Friday's shooting is under investigation. But Wagstaffe said previous freeway shootings in the county have usually fallen into two categories.

"Number one, gang shootings. Number two, road rage," Wagstaffe said.

As far as road-rage concerns, law enforcement officials recommend that even if you believe you are in the right, it's not worth it to react to a perceived wrong on the road, as you never know if the other driver is armed with a gun.

The CHP asks that anyone with information call the SIU Detectives at (707) 917-4491, or by email at