Danville celebrates Labor Day weekend with postponed parade

The calendar will read 4th of September but the spirit of a parade in Danville is coming from the 4th of July.

It's a tradition San Ramon Valley families love to see

"I really like it," said nine-year old Nate Goldberg.

"They usually  shoot guns and I like to collect the gun shells."

There is plenty to see from the red white and blue celebration, all worthy of scoping our an early front row seat.

"Last night, we came out and ate and put our chairs out when we finished eating," said Ruth Dillon of Danville.

The parade is happening over Labor Day weekend because COVID-19 spoiled 4th of July plans. Around that weekend, the Contra Costa County Health Services reported a large spike in new cases. Now, numbers are lower and the county vaccine rate is about 86%.

"The timing wasn't right," said Nicole Goldberg. "It's good things are opening back up. It's good to be back out now."

"This parade goes back decades and draws a big crowd, great community," said Drew Golberg,

From live music to cheerleaders, to men dressed as Uncle Sam on stilts, the Independence Day, now Labor Day celebration means so much to a community who is just happy to have an event to attend.

"It was certainly disappointing, but we were certainly ready to support the town when it was ready to come back," said Drew Goldberg.