DA's office gets multiple threats after charging pair with defacing Black Lives Matter mural in Martinez

The Contra Costa District Attorney's Office said it has received multiple threats in response to filing hate crime charges against a pair who defaced a Black Lives Matter mural in Martinez. 

District Attorney Diana Becton's office did not elaborate on the context of threats or who they were coming from, but did say they were over the office's decision last week to charge Nicole Anderson, 42, and David Nelson, 53, with vandalizing the street art.

"There was extreme and divisive language used against our Office on social media, from phone calls we received and from other electronic messages," District Attorney Diana Becton's office said in a statement to KTVU. 

 The July 4 incident involving Anderson and Nelson was captured on video and garnered national attention. 

With the paint barely dry, the pair arrived with their own paint to roll over the large gold letters spelling out Black Lives Matter. They are heard on video, arguing with bystanders, and calling racism a liberal lie.
Justin Gomez secured the city permit for the 165 foot mural in front of the courthouse downtown. 

"It was truly heartbreaking to see that hatred come out in such a bold and brazen way," said Gomez. "Now we're hopeful the justice system works the way it's supposed to."

Anderson and Nelson were charged with vandalism, and possession of vandalism tools, but also a civil rights violation -- or hate crime -- for targeting a specific group. 

"This is not just a regular moment in time, this is a movement," said Contra Costa County District Attorney Diana Becton, who has a high-level team that reviews such incidents.