Deadly crash involving Amtrak in Santa Clara

At least one person is dead following an accident involving an Amtrak train and two cars.

It happened at the intersection of Agnew Road and Lafayette Street in Santa Clara.

Emergency responders have set up a tent to cover the body of the person killed in the crash.

They do not have a time frame for when Agnew Road, which crosses over the tracks, will be reopened.

Southbound traffic on Lafayette is blocked at Tasman Drive, but northbound vehicles are able to get past.

Witnesses say the deadly collision happened at 10 a.m.

Two cars, a Honda and a Mercedes, were traveling east on Agnew, and stopped just beyond the signal light at Lafayette.

The Amtrak train was traveling southbound and apparently clipped the back end of one or both.

There is one fatality at least, we're not sure of the number of passengers in each vehicle.

Santa Clara police say Union Pacific is conducting the investigation since it owns the tracks.

Stay with for updates.