Decayed human skull found in Oakland backyard

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An investigation is underway after a decayed human skull was found in an Oakland backyard. Police say a resident in West Oakland hand delivered the skull to their downtown police headquarters early Friday morning.

Homicide detective Sgt. Michael Cardoza said the Alameda County coroner's bureau was notified immediately. 

"The human skull was brought to our attention. We called the coroner had them come out to take a look and then we gathered up some troops and went out to the location where they found this thing," he said.

Police responded to the home at the corner of 29th and West streets with force and used a battering ram to gain access through an iron gate. Visiting health care worker Pamela Deering was in shock.

“It was the last thing I thought they were looking for of all the things you could imagine they might be looking for I would have never guessed this,” she said.

The home had multiple tenants and police on scene detained those inside, even putting some in handcuffs before being released. 

Manul Adrow was eating when he was detained. 

"They come into my house while I'm eating dinner, they come in and tell me something about a head,” Adrow said. “I don't know nothing about no head.”

Pamela Deering, who visits the home daily to work with and an elderly resident, says she was informed by police on scene that a headless body was found a week or two ago down the street.

“Evidently since there's a headless body and now a head they figure someone must have decapitated the body,” she said.

When pressed Sergeant Cardoza responded, "I can tell you that's still under investigation right now. We're still putting all the pieces together and still have a lot of work to do.”

Residents had no idea the skull was in the backyard for a number of weeks. “They said it was just laying out in a part of the garden that we don't go in,” said Deering.

The identity of the body is unknown at this time.

If anyone has information as far as the body that may go with the skull they should contact the Homicide Section at (510) 238-3821 or the TIP LINE at 238-7950.