Democrats meet with constituents to avoid ACA repeal

This weekend, President Trump reiterated his intention to have Obamacare repealed, and get replacement legislation moving through Congress next month.

The president says, "It's also time for Senate democrats to take responsibility for Obamacare, and to work with us to replace it with new reforms that reverse this nationwide health care tragedy."

Saturday, congressional democrats held meetings all over the Bay Area to make their case to save the Affordable Care Act. 

Democrats say they will not compromise on redrafting the Affordable Care Act, but as the minority party, they'll need public help. 

Congresswoman Barbara Lee says, "It's very important that these stories get out there and continue to organize around the country, because this is a moment where the power of the is going to be what sustains us against this repeal".

Democrats also argue that Medicare and Medicaid are tied to the ACA, and that there are Republican Governors helping the democrats by expanding Medicaid in their states.

Ohio Governor John Kasich expanded Medicaid in his state and says nearly 700,000 Ohioans could lose coverage if ACA is repealed.

As a way around President Trump's and the GOP's repeal of the Affordable Care Act, two California legislators introduced a bill to provide a single-payer state healthcare system.


A single payer California healthcare system would cover 38 million Californians. Under the single-payer system, the state would negotiate prices for services and prescriptions with healthcare providers and pharmaceutical companies.

Supporters say single-payer could reign in high co-pays and deductibles.