Demonstrators march on Market Street against San Francisco police shooting

Demonstrators in San Francisco marched Thursday night in protest of a police shooting that happened on Market Street earlier this week. 

The march started on Market St. and ended in front of the Tenderloin Police Station on the 300 block of Eddy Street. 

On Tuesday, SFPD said they and a SF sheriff's deputy responded to the report of a group of men fighting outside the Westfield Centre mall. One of the men was armed with a knife. In addition to shooting the armed suspect, SFPD also deployed a less than lethal bean bag round, while the sheriff's deputy used a Taser on him. 

Organizers of the protest march said the police shooting happened on the same night the San Francisco Board of supervisors voted not to make any changes to police department policies and they want to see changes. 

"SFPD and SF sheriffs unleashed a full arsenal of weapons against this person," said Alex Karim with the group Defund SFPD Now.

The 26-year-old suspect was taken to Zuckerberg San Francico General Hospital, but is expected to recover. 

Police plan to hold a virtual town-hall meeting on Tuesday, Nov. 24, where they will release more information, including police-worn body camera footage of this incident.