Deputies buy groceries, get car seat for mom in need

During a stop this week for a minor traffic infraction, deputies with the Brevard County Sheriff's Office realized that a mother and her family were experiencing some tough times and down on their luck. 

With help from donations and money out of their own pockets, they were able to arrange for a car seat for the mom and also purchase much needed groceries for the household.

"Deputy Sean Cronin and FTO [Field Training Officer] Anthony Gonnelly took it upon themselves to reach out to our Community Services Team to solicit help to find a new car seat for the family who has an infant child. After receiving the call for assistance, Tonja Tucker and Valerie Sauro of our Community Services Unit worked together to locate a car seat and then went shopping for groceries," explained Brevard County Sheriff Wayne Ivey in a post on the agency's Facebook page.

"While the team was able to get the car seat donated, they took the money from their own pockets to pay for the groceries, because of their compassion for others, and because they each realize that at any given moment in life it could be one of us that experiences a tough time," Sheriff Wayne Ivey said.

Ivey went on to express pride in his staff.  He added,  "Like me, they also know how fortunate we are to have a community that takes care of us while partnering together to make Brevard County an awesome place to call home!"