Deputies challenge kids to basketball game, video goes viral

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A video taken Monday of two Harris County Constable Precinct 4 deputies is going viral.

“We saw several kids out there playing, and we pulled over walked up to them,” said Deputy Jimmy Evans.

Deputy Evans and Deputy Marco Scott took a few minutes out of their day while patrolling a neighborhood, to play basketball with two kids on the street.  John Kidd was watching his son outside at the time, and happened to catch the game on camera.

“My son he stands like 6’3” so I guess he thought he could take him,” said Kidd.

But not these two officers-- Scott and Evans were better than the middle school kids thought.

“It actually turned into an actual real game so, instead of them just shooting around.  It got serious from there [laughs].”

Both deputies said that getting to know the community can help them solve crimes, and has become part of their routine. But they said this was the first time they’ve ever joined in on a basketball game on duty.

“We just decided to take it a step further and make it a little bit tighter by actually getting out of the vehicle and making contact and letting them know that that we are here to serve and protect,” said Scott.  

“Our interaction with you is not always about taking you to jail or questioning you about a crime,” said Evans.

They said playing a simple pickup game made them feel good, because it gives officers a more positive light in the media.

“Some of the stuff that you are seeing on TV, the negativity, as an officer you take it personal,” said Evans. “And you know that in order to make a change you have to be part of that change.”

The deputies said they plan on playing the kids again soon, when they feel they are in better shape.