Deputies help free hungry bear trapped inside car in Lake Tahoe

Bears are preparing for the winter months and hibernation, searching high and low for food. Sometimes they find themselves in tight situations on the quest for their honeypot.

Deputies helped free a bear who found himself trapped inside a car in Tahoe Vista during his pursuit of a meal. 

The Placer County Sheriff's Office shared video of the encounter on Twitter Wednesday morning. The footage showed the seemingly panicked bear pressing against the car's windows trying to get out. 

Deputies said the car doors were unclocked, so it didn't take much for the animal to get inside, but getting out was the problem. 

The sheriff's office didn't say how deputies did it, but they managed to free the bear. However, for the vehicle's owner, they are going to need some serious upholstery repairs.  

Deputies reminded residents to take their food out of the car and lock their vehicle doors. Deputies also recommended securing garbage cans in bear-proof containers.