Disappearance of Dublin girl 31 years ago remains unsolved mystery

It’s one of the Bay Area’s biggest unsolved cases. Ilene Misheloff, then 13-years-old, vanished walking home from school in Dublin 31 years ago. Loved ones gathered to retrace her steps on the anniversary of her disappearance on Thursday.

Their two-mile walk ended at St. Raymond Church. Misheloff’s parents said the support from the community helps keep them going. They hope this year their prayers will be answered.

Her parents were front and center and led the walk, vowing to never give up in finding her.

“The hardest part is needing to acknowledge this happened,” said Mother Maddi Misheloff. “Our child is out there somewhere. She will always be our child no matter what her age and we want her back more than anything.”

Misheloff was last seen January 30, 1989 around 3 p.m. walking home from Wells Middle School to get ready for ice skating practice but never made it home.

“I believe Ilene is out there and I’m optimistic we will find her,” said Sgt. Alan Corpuz of Dublin Police Services.

Sgt. Corpuz was assigned the case this past August bringing a set of fresh eyes. He said tips still come in but nothing that’s led to her whereabouts.

“With the recent breakthroughs in DNA and technology,” said Sgt. Corpuz. “We are optimistic that we are going to be able to find some leads that will be help us further the case.”

Misheloff was last seen walking on Village Parkway and Amador Valley Road. Her keychain was found in a dry creek bed at a park not far from her home.

“I said goodbye, have a good day” said Best Friend Liz Allen. “I will see you tomorrow.”

Allen remembered Misheloff as loving, sweet and kind.

“I waited to have my children because I felt it wasn’t fair for me to live this wonderful life without Ilene being able to do it too,” said Allen.

“The support we have gotten from our friends and neighbors has been a real source of comfort for us,” said Father Mike Misehloff.

Misheloff’s parents believe she’s still alive. 

“I talk to her at night before I go to bed tell her good night and she's coming home,” said Maddi Misheloff.

Her mother has this message for her daughter.

“If you could hear this baby, we love you so much and getting you home and putting my arms around you is what I live for,” said Maddi Misheloff.

Anyone with information is encouraged to contact Sgt. Alan Corpuz at (925) 833-6682.