Dismissed Ghost Ship trial juror says she wouldn't acquit Max Harris

Unapologetic and strong-minded, Megan Thierry opened up about her five months serving as juror number one on the manslaughter trial for two defendants in the deadly Ghost Ship warehouse fire

"It would have been a hung jury for both if I had still been on it because I would not have let them acquit Max," said Thierry, a former juror. 

Thierry said she was the lone holdout in the fate of defendant Max Harris. She was dismissed from the juror after 12 days of deliberations for not reporting jury misconduct. 

"I received something from another jury that was basically telling me she didn't agree with my stance and it was day ten of deliberations and that based off her life history, I should reconsider my position," she said. 

Thierry said she ignored the message and avoided that female juror, until the next day of deliberations when the woman reportedly admitted to talking with a firefighter about codes and the process in which a code violation is reported. 

Thierry said she and the other jurors came clean about everything after that. She said she's disappointed with the outcome. The jury acquitted Max Harris but were deadlocked on Derick Almena.

"You knew living there was breaking the law and you still did it. To me that's guilt. That's putting other people in harm's way," said Thierry.

Ten jurors thought Almena was guilty of manslaughter, while two held out for acquittal, a hung jury.

Almena remains in jail, awaiting the possibility of a retrial.

"Lives were lost. Somebody has to take responsibility,' said Thierry. 

Thierry said she has been and will be monitoring what's happens next, very closely, hoping for a guilty verdict for Almena.