Quick-thinking dog helps save another dog from drowning in river

A Newfoundland dog is being credited for helping a Retriever dog who was drowning. (Credit: Douglas Coastguard Rescue Team)

A quick-thinking dog in the United Kingdom is being lauded for helping to save another dog who was drowning in a river. 

The Douglas Coastguard Rescue Team said last week, a man was near Douglas Harbour, when a Newfoundland dog came up to him and wanted attention.

The man then saw that there was a Retriever dog struggling to get out of the water. 

The man was able to alert the Coast Guard before going down to the harbor. After getting on a boat, he was able to rescue the Retriever dog who was starting to go underwater. 

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First responders then arrived to help with the rescue. 

Authorities said on Facebook the two dogs were then reunited at a station, while the owner was being located. 

This story was reported from Los Angeles.