'Donald Trump Pizza' topped with gold leaf, caviar

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To honor President-elect Donald Trump on Inauguration Day, a Tampa pizza shop owner has create a unique pie he's calling the "Donald Trump Pizza."

"It's Italian cheese, flour, American gold, Russian caviar. We blend it all like New York City, all the cultures and everything in one pie," said Leo Bunjaku, owner of Due Amici in Ybor City.

Bunjaku moved from New York to Tampa to open his restaurant two years ago. He said since immigrating to America from Albania, he has admired President-elect Trump.

"He's an inspiration to everybody who's in business," said Bunjaku, "looking at somebody succeed and be so successful in life."

He and his son got the idea to design a Trump-inspired pizza while hosting an election night watch party at his restaurant.

Replacing the typical pepperonis and tomato sauce, the cheese is covered in red and black caviar with edible gold flakes shaped into a letter "T" for Trump.

"It tastes absolutely delicious. I mean, we've never had it before, caviar in pizza, or gold. But the saltiness of caviar and the smoothness of the cheese and the dough, it just blends so beautifully together," Bunjaku observed.

The Trump pizza is served with a bottle of champagne. Customers interested in ordering the package can expect to pay a few hundred dollars.

Bunjaku is planning to give slices away for free on Inauguration Day.  He plans to host a celebration at Due Amici, 1724 East 7th Avenue, on Saturday starting at 6 p.m. The Trump pizza will be introduced at 7:30 p.m. to guests.

Bunjaku said he is considering adding the Trump pizza to his regular menu, but he would likely create a version that can be sold at a more affordable price so anyone can try it.

He said the pizza will always be free for President-elect Trump if he ever stops by while visiting Tampa.