Dream Machines event raises money for senior healthcare

A walk through the Pacific Coast Dream Machines show is like a tour through automotive and mechanical history.

You can seem steam-powered construction equipment in a museum, but at the event- it's different.

Eli Mosher, a Roots of Motive Power volunteer says, "It's a whole other level when you can see it with steam in the boiler and watch it run down the road or down the track".

Along with century-old construction trucks, there were more than 1200 classic cars on display.

Justin Ferdinand's dad bought a 1951 Ford Woodie station wagon 25 years ago. Ever since, it's been a part of the family.

Ferdinand says, "We spend hour taking about the car, talking about the time when these cars were around and present. It's just been a really cool, kind of bonding experience for my dad and myself but also for myself and my son". 

From driving to flying machines- a section of the show is reserved for vintage aircraft.

From World War II Warbirds, to Cold War- era Russian fighter jets. 

The event is one day only each year and the money raised benefits the Adult Day Health Center, a non-profit group that provides care for seniors from Santa Cruz to San Francisco, last year the event raised about $100,000 for the organization.