Drifters accused in SF, Marin homicides plead not guilty

Two San Francisco men and a San Rafael woman charged with a murder in Marin County and in San Francisco pleaded not guilty in Marin County Superior Court Thursday morning.

Morrison Haze Lampley, 23, Sean Michael Angold, 24, both of San Francisco, and Lila Scott Alligood, 18, of San Rafael entered pleas to the murders of therapist Steven Carter, 67, of Fairfax on Oct. 5 and Audrey Carey, 23, a tourist from Quebec, Canada, found dead in Golden Gate Park on Oct. 2.

The trio appeared in court in shackles, wearing their matching red and white striped jail clothing

Thursday's court hearing was mostly procedural. They only time the defendants spoke was when the judge asked if they understood their rights and if they waived their right to a speedy preliminary hearing.

All three said 'Yes, your honor,' twice.
The defendants were arrested Oct. 7 outside a dining hall in Portland, Oregon when investigators traced them there with the GPS in Carter's car.
The three defendants are charged with special circumstances of lying in wait, multiple murder and murder during commission of a robbery. They face life in prison without parole or the death penalty.
All three defendants were allegedly armed during the murder but Lampley is identified in the complaint as the shooter.
Lampley also is named as the defendant who shot Carter's female doberman pinscher Coco, who was still leashed to Carter when he was slain. He is charged with animal cruelty.
The complaint states the defendants, who also are charged with robbery, stole Carter's Volkswagen Jetta and camping equipment from Carey, including a tent, daypack, tarp, and sleeping bag, and airline tickets and a passport.
Lampley was convicted on July 7, of buying or receiving a stolen vehicle in San Diego on May 26. In the complaint filed by District Attorney Ed Berberian he is charged with being a felon in possession of a Smith and Wesson firearm that was stolen in San Francisco.

The preliminary hearing is now set for May 9th and is expected to last about two weeks.